Step 1.) Give Believe a Buddy a bear hug to activate his magical powers

Step 2.) Take a few long, deep breaths. The idea is to collect your attention and intention and direct them toward the magic of the bear. This is a moment to teach your child to take a break from the world and to self-reflect. Sitting in stillness for just a few moments before grabbing the Affirmation Card Deck will work wonders for the process.

Step 3.) Grab the Affirmation Card Deck and start shuffling the cards. If you prefer not to shuffle you can spread the cards out face down.

Step 4.) While shuffling the Affirmation Deck close your eyes and ask Believe a Buddy your question. Examples of questions you can ask Believe a Buddy: What affirmation will help me have a magical day? What do I need to know to empower myself today? What affirmation do I need to focus on today?

Step 5.) You can repeat the question in your mind or say it out loud while you shuffle. Stop shuffling when it feels right. Or if you spread your cards out face down pick the card that feels right to you.

Step 6.) Pick the card and read the affirmation out loud 3 times!

Step 7.) Take the affirmation card and put it in the pocket of Believe a Buddy’s belly.

Step 8.) Leave Believe a Buddy out where you can see it and repeat the affirmation throughout the day as many times as you desire.

Step 9.) Share the affirmation with others and have fun spreading the magic with the world!

Step 10.) Believe In yourself and the rest will follow